♣ My Lucky Past ♣ – Part One

Hi, I’m Mrs. Lady Luck. I am in my late 20’s and have had quite the “lucky” life. But through it all, I remain positive, that this year is going to be the year for my family and I, and I am going to be the one to change that luck. By no means, is this blog’s purpose to complain about the hand I’ve been dealt, but rather to try and help others out there who may be struggling with similar problems or those who may need inspiration to push through and appreciate the wonderful things in life. I have SO many things to be thankful for despite the obstacles I am faced with.

I have always told people that I have a little black cloud that follows me around, and just when things are going wonderful, that black cloud rains down.

So here’s a little about me, and my lucky family. Mr. Lucky and I met in college 12 years ago. We have been together since then, and have been married for 5 years. Most of my “luck” came along shortly after we were married and we decided to pursue having a family. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome early in 2008 and we decided to start trying to conceive in the case that it may take a while. I was scheduled to graduate college a year later (after a long 8 years of taking classes on and off and changing majors several times). We started fertility treatments about three months after we started trying on our own. My ob/gyn suggested this route since she was confident it would not be easy for us to conceive without assistance. I started Clomid at the lowest dose that month, and waited for an appointment with a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE).

After seeing the RE, he recommended we continue with the Clomid and go up doses a few times. After several months of no ovulation on Clomid, he switched me over to a drug called Femara. It’s a drug used for breast cancer, but has been successful used as a fertility aid. I actually ovulated on Femara, but it did not result in any pregnancies. As time went on, we were getting anxious to start our family because the months of seeing one line on a pregnancy test were draining. Our next step would be using Femara and then doing an intra-uterine insemination (IUI) in the RE’s office. This consisted of several early mornings of monitoring follicles, bloodwork, a sperm sample, and an appointment with the doctor on a Saturday morning to proceed with the transfer of sperm. My mom was coming to town that day for my college graduation, so Mr. Lucky wasn’t able to be there with me. As I sat in the waiting room alone, I couldn’t help but start to freak out. What IF they mixed up his sperm with someone else’s? How awful would that be? I never had doubts before this, but this particular morning I had about an hour and a half wait to see the doctor and the waiting room was full of hopeful couples. After the  IUI transfer, we were headed out of town for my college graduation with hopes that we would soon be pregnant. Well, that cycle again was a bust. There was no explanation for the failure because the sperm sample was great, and the follicles were prime, and my levels were just right.

It was around that time, that I started feeling the effects of extreme fatigue and suggested that my doctor check my thyroid levels. The nurse insisted they should be fine because they were checked the year before when we started treatments. I begged her to just run them anyway. The levels came back showing I was definitely hypothyroid. So the doctor also recommended that I have a thyroid ultrasound. We put the fertility treatments on hold while this next round of tests were being performed. After my ultrasound was done, he reported to me that I had two thyroid tumors, and would need to follow up with a specialist to determine my risk of thyroid cancer.



3 thoughts on “♣ My Lucky Past ♣ – Part One

  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I found your blog by chance on wordpress, and I’m glad I found it. I’m now following you. The ttc journey can be a crazy one. Sending you lots of energy, love, and baby dust!

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