♣ My Lucky Past ♣ – Part Two

(If you missed Part One – click here.)

Lucky me, I had my bestest, LMM (more about her soon!) with me for my consultation at the “Cancer Center” with a doctor to evaluate ultrasounds and blood work related to the thyroid tumors. The doctor we met with didn’t seem too concerned, and believed they were just nodules. I was so grateful to have the love and support of my LMM during this time, and that I didn’t have to attend these appointments alone. Mr. Lucky works A LOT, too much sometimes, so I often do everything alone.

The Dr. called a few days later telling me that I tested positive for antibodies which show that I also have Hashimotos Thyroiditis. This is an auto-immune disease that is attacking the thyroid, but there is no treatment. He advised me to continue on my Levothyroxine (generic for Synthroid) and come back for my scheduled follow up. After seeing this doctor several times, I felt like my levels were not where they should be after a year (one of my results was a 53 and your thyroid levels should be between a  1-3).

When I was first diagnosed, my level was 8.6. So I switched doctors and began seeing another endocrinologist. During my time seeing him, he advised we could continue trying to conceive, and kept bumping up my medication. I reported to him that I was having pounding in the chest even when I was walking slowly down the hall. It didn’t feel right, and that was the only culprit I could find. The problem was, the smaller dose wasn’t bringing my levels to where they should be, so we were in a pickle. Still, he advised me to continue on the higher dose and see a cardiologist as needed.

Meanwhile, we decided to pursue IVF. We had run through a battery of blood tests, labwork, an SIS, and lots of prayer. When the box of fertility medication was shipped to us, it was very intimidating. There were a ton of needles, and a ton of medications, and I was overwhelmed. The nurses at the clinic assured me that it would be a breeze.

Around cycle day 10, I started ultrasound visits to check the growth of the follicles to see if they were maturing properly. After each visit the doctor seemed to keep bumping up the doses of Bravelle (the medication I was using to stimulate the follicle growth). He said that I had several (16 if I remember correctly) follicles but they weren’t quite maturing. After several mornings of driving 40 minutes to the clinic every morning to get the ultrasounds done, and bloodwork each morning, the nurse called me to tell me my cycle was cancelled for poor response. The follicles were just not maturing based on my E2 bloodwork. They were appropriate in size, but not mature.

That was the only answer I got, other than, we would be happy to try again using a different method. That wasn’t an option. We had run out of funds through this process to continue pouring money into treatments that were not resulting in answers. Perhaps we may have considered if we had more of a clue what was going on other than, “they aren’t maturing and we aren’t sure why”.



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