Ducks in a Row

At this point Mr. Lucky and I were discussing our options. Put some of our money “credit card” towards this portion due, and have faith that somehow the rest of this
enormous amount would come through, or to play it safe and walk away. Mr. Lucky said if we had no luck the following day with the banks, we would have to let this match pass us by until we could figure out the finances. We both agreed that we needed to have our ducks in a row. Then Mr. Lucky said, actually, we only need ONE DUCK!

So all night we prayed that we would find our duck the following


Earlier that day, I had met up with a former co-worker who was in
town with her new husband on their honeymoon. We had a nice time
catching up and briefly talked about the adoption. I had previously told her we were adopting on a few weeks before. She asked how things were going and I just told her things were really stressful because we didn’t anticipate funding problems since we were expecting employer reimbursement for the second half of the fees (but only after finalization of the adoption these are paid).

She called my cell around 10pm and told us that her and her husband would be
writing us a check for $10,000.00. Insert *bawling* here. I passed the phone
over to Avery so she could tell him what she just told me, because surely he
would never believe me if I told him that. We were blown away, and in awe of
what had just happened. He muttered under his breath, it’s our duck! And I
smiled. My heart was full.

We never ask for money, we have SUCH a hard time not
being able to do something for ourselves because we work so hard for everything
we have, and we don’t ever want to burden anyone. Here is a situation where we
didn’t have to ask, but it was the only way to start our family. This portion of
our costs would buy us time to raise the remaining amount and start preparing
without the added stress until our baby was expected 3 months later! We planned
to repay this money to them after we finalize the adoption and we get our reimbursement back from our jobs. We are FOREVER grateful for these friends. I don’t know how we can ever thank them enough.

Paying it forward. We will always remember this gift, and we will always pay it forward when we have the ability to.
Someday I dream being involved in adoption and infertility rights. Someday I
WILL make a difference, bigger than even I can imagine.

At this point we could focus all of our energy preparing for our little one and fundraising. I also needed to schedule my “maternity leave” and figure out how we were going to afford 4 weeks off from work.  I didn’t qualify for maternity leave. Not paid anyway. since maternity is actually paid through short term disability, you do not qualify with adoption. If I were pregnant, I would have had 8 weeks of leave paid at 70% of my pay.

Someday I will fix this for others going through this. We needed this time to bond with our child just as much as someone who had just birthed a child. I still had the same sleep deprived, demanding schedule. Most daycare providers won’t even accept a baby before 6 weeks of age.



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