Is this a JOKE?

In May of 2010 we got an email from the caseworker at our agency that Tiny (Lucky Charm’s birthmother) sent in an ultrasound photo for us. We were so shocked, overwhelmed and thrilled that we would get to finally have a glimpse of our little boy, for the very first time. We always imagined that our first look at him would be after he was born. Never, did we think we would get to gush over his ultrasound photo.


That night, we both were smiling from ear to ear anticipating what we would see in this photo. We decided that we needed to go get a card for Tiny for Mother’s Day so she knew how much we appreciate everything, and that we were thinking of her, and praying for her.

I was scheduled to attend an adoption prayer breakfast, so I figured I would drop off the card on my way into work. I spoke with the caseworker briefly and then headed into work. The caseworker was tickled that we thought of this and said she would be sure to forward it on.

Around lunchtime, I reminded Mr. Lucky to check the mail before he headed to work to see if the ultrasound photo came.

Around 12:30pm I got a call from Mr. Lucky saying “Is this a JOK962201_45551117E?” I said is WHAT a joke? And he said, IT’S here! But it says…IT’S A GIRL! I giggled, and said what do you mean it says It’s a girl? He said are you playing a joke on me? You need to call the agency to see if they sent us the wrong photo. So I did, and they told us that they confirmed with the Dr. and they were 90% sure it’s a GIRL! Wow. That sent our heads spinning! We were so sure it was a boy!

I guess since they told Tiny it was a boy at 13wks, this was the first time they checked gender again (25wks). So, we are going to have a little girl. WOW.

The caseworker said she didn’t want to spill the beans when she saw me because she wasn’t sure “how” we would want to find out, so this was the best way for us to have the chance to see it together if we wished to.



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