Meeting Tiny

Here’s an excerpt from my journal written 8 days before the actual birth of Lucky Charm. It was also the day we met Tiny for the first time.

As I sit here and wait for “the call” that we have been “waiting” for, for a long long time, there are SO many emotions. First, there is the “I can’t believe this is REALLY happening” emotion.

Then there is sadness, for what her birthmother will be feeling. Sadness at the end of our 48 hours with her, and sadness for the loss she will feel of her first-mother.

Then there is happiness and joy for becoming parents and seeing our daughter for the first time.

So many more emotions, I couldn’t even possibly put into words.
We met Tiny on Saturday. It was an amazing experience. It was an incredible day, and we are so honored to have met the woman who may make the biggest sacrifice of her lifetime if she chooses to place her child after those 48 hours are over.

We never knew how an open adoption would work, how the emotions are, how we will all heal best, but this may be the start of something great for all of us. We hope to continue to visit with her after the birth.

She has asked us to be in the delivery room with her. The emotions at that very thought are SO raw. We NEVER expected to be in the room. I have never seen a baby be born before?! Wow! What a crazy, crazy, thought.



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