Back to Basics

I downloaded a new app to my phone last week (Spine Decide), and it had some great illustrations showing the issues I face with my back.

I was diagnosed with the following conditions related to my back.

Scoliosis (mild) – have known about this one and Arthritis

Degenerative Disc Disease – have known about this one since a former car accident Photo shows a normal spine on the right, and the degenerative disc disease on the left.

photo 1

Spinal Stenosis – shows a narrowing of the spinal canal

photo 3

Herniated Disc

photo 2

All of these issues compound to daily chronic pain.

Here’s the shocking truth: “…But losing just 4 pounds takes 16 pounds of pressure off your spine.” (

So just by losing ten pounds, I have alleviated approximately 160 pounds of pressure from my back. When I have reached my goal, I will have alleviated a WHOPPING 2,240 pounds of pressure.  Can you even fathom the fact that I am carrying around that much extra pressure just because of my weight? I can’t.

What kind of stunning statistics have you revealed about your health that blow your mind?



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