The Downward Spiral

Following surgery, I had a hard time healing. I had a hematoma (a pocket of fluid that was captured during surgery) that burst leaving me with a seeping wound for weeks.

I also started my lovely cycle the day after surgery.

Just three months later, I got a cold. I thought it was any old normal cold. After the cold went away, I had headaches that wouldn’t quit. These headaches were not relieved by ibuprofen, naproxen, acetaminophen, excedrin or the like. I had these headaches every single day, and my head would pound when I would walk down the hall. It would pound when I would sit, it would pound when I tried to rest. I had this extremely weird sensation in my hears of the pounding from my head.

After two and a half weeks of battling these headaches, I made an appointment with a doctor in my practice. (Enter Dr. Wonderful). I insisted to her that I had a sinus infection and possibly an ear infection causing these headaches. She examined me, and calmly told me that she did not see any evidence of any infection. She was, however, concerned about a brain tumor. She was writing me a script to get an MRI of the brain immediately. She also gave me a shot to attempt to relieve some of the pain (it didn’t). She also referred me to a neurologist. While I was waiting to see the neurologist, I decided to make an appointment with an ENT who could check my ears thoroughly and prove that this was all a misunderstanding. At this appointment, he said there was nothing wrong with my ears, but he believed my headaches and ear issues were caused by a condition called pseudotumor cerebri – he explained that it was more common in overweight females and caused tinnitus in the ears where you could hear your heart beat – which described the sensation I had been feeling. He told me to follow-up with the neurologist and to see him in a couple of months if nothing came along and I was still struggling.

When I left his office, I googled the heck out of this “condition” he suggested. It couldn’t possibly be this condition, because one of the trademark symptoms includes vision problems, and my vision was fine.

To be continued…



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