GULP. What now?!

Fall of 2012 – When I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes I was devastated. It always seemed like a condition for people who don’t take care of themselves. I thought I took care of myself. I know I probably didn’t monitor my carbohydrate intake as well as I should, and I could always use more vegetables in my diet. But I have a two year old, and we focus very hard on a balanced diet for her, so it forces us to maintain a diet similarly.
When the nurse called me to deliver the news that I was now a “diabetic” she delivered the news so nonchalantly. “You have a new diagnosis of Type II Diabetes. The doctor wrote a script for you to get a glucose monitor and would like you to monitor your fasting sugars every morning for three weeks and then come back to see her.”

GULP. I have what? I somewhat suspected it, but never really wanted to admit it. I had been very shaky in the past when I didn’t eat something, and I would get VERY grumpy if I went too long without food. But I didn’t think I was craving sweets, and I never have been a huge fan of them. In fact, I was the one who insisted that Dr. Wonderful run the test because I had a few episodes of the shakes, and suspected something was up. LMM had been on my case for months and months to get the test done. She knew it before I did, and convinced me of the same before we even had the diagnosis. Still, hearing it is for real, and it left me stunned. Before I could admit it to anyone in the outside world, I needed to admit it to myself.



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