Large and In Charge

After much thought and consideration, and many many hours of medical research, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to have weight loss surgery. I used to promise myself I would never be a “sell-out” and take the easy way out. My friends, weight loss surgery definitely isn’t the easy way out, but so many people still think of it this way. You still have to modify your diet, you still have to deal with whatever eating issues you may have, you still have to exercise. The surgery just helps you actually LOSE weight when you are doing these things. The fact is, I could modify my diet and work my booty off right now and the scale would barely budge. The fact is, that I have PCOS, hypothyroidism, and diabetes working against me to lose weight. I have worked out with a trainer, I have done weight watchers, I have tried low carb modifications to my diet.

The one thing that is a CLEAR link between most of not ALL of my health conditions – is being overweight. Do many of these conditions contribute to me being overweight? Yes. But, I was also raised in a family full of overweight people. I remember my mom doing weight loss programs and wanting to do it too because I was overweight as a child. I have always been overweight. Now, I just want to be healthy and comfortable in my body. Now it is pretty much a life or death issue. I MUST lose weight to increase the quality of life, and increase the length of my life – for my little lucky charm.

So this is it, our last ditch effort to avoid a hysterectomy, and to try and balance, eliminate, and/or control all of my medical issues.


Did you know that your health insurance company tracks your ailments very closely? I didn’t. Not until I logged in the other day and realized they have a My WebMD Personal Health Manager tool where it imports all of your health information directly from your insurance website and categorizes it, and displays records for you to retain. According to my insurance company I have a documented 23 medical health conditions. Seems insane doesn’t it?


My body is out of control, and it’s time for me to take that control back. So right now, Dr. Wonderful and I are going through 6 months of physician monitored weight loss visits for my insurance company – so that I can have part of the procedure covered. She has me on a modified 1700 calorie per day diet (which I am tracking using the SparkPeople app on my iPhone). I am also monitoring my blood sugars and upping my exercise levels.


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