My Favorite Apps ~Part 1~

I have an iPhone, and I am totally reliant upon it for so many reasons. There are so many apps out there designed to make life easier. I use my phone for organizing my life, doing finances, keeping track of medical information, appointments. I use it as a camera, for email, for instant messaging, and also for video conferencing.

I have pinned several “must have app” lists to my boards on Pinterest and actually have read and relied on many of them.

These lists have been so wonderful to have that I thought I would create my own for you in hopes that you will find it helpful.

Sparkpeople –  to track my calories, sugars, fiber, protein, and carbs.

GB – A Glucose Blood Level tracker that allows me to enter my numbers anytime I test. It also charts, finds patterns, and averages.

HeartRate Pro – Tests your heart rate by placing your finger over the flash of your camera (on the iphone) for a period of time. This is helping me figure out correlations between high brain pressure episodes and heart rate. At times when my head is pounding, I can also feel it in my chest, and my heart rates prove it.

All In Pedometer – Tracks your steps! This one is newer and I haven’t used it much, but it has good reviews.

Runtastic Pro – This one I also haven’t used yet, but it has a Couch to 5K program that I will try when I am ready.

Jog Log – Another running app I am going to try when I run.

C25K Free – Couch to 5K program for running.

Since I need to see a little more resolution to the Intracranial Hypertension before I can begin running, I plan to test each of these once I can start the program and decide which works best for me.

Google Talk – I relied on this program heavily for my frequent chats with dear friends LMM and N when I was using an Android phone. Unfortunately all of the Google Talk apps available for iphone do NOT function very well. I have purchased several of them with no luck.

Netflix – A lifesaver for outings with a toddler.

Primo Do – The ultimate task list app for people who need to stay organized. You can set reminders in different categories, different recurring preferences, different priority levels, alarms etc.

AmbiSci LBY – Lullaby program (instrumental) that has a built in timer. I use this to put Lucky Charm to sleep on the nights she is having a difficult time falling asleep.

iCanShop – The mother of all grocery list planners. This thing is AWESOME. It will remember your shopping habits, easily categorizes your items, and even has cute little icons beside each item. You can ALSO share with someone who has the same app, or email it to someone without the app. This works especially well for me when I need to ask Mr. Lucky to pick up a few things on his way home from work.

Daily Weather – Love the vintage newspaper layout this app provides.

Waze – Navigation app that provides live traffic updates by users in traffic (most of the time including reports of heavy traffic, or debris in the road and which lane, and accidents). I have really enjoyed this Nav system because it also remembers the routes you favor vs. the routes the system is trying to direct you to.

Google Voice – This program is a must have for us. We were able to set up an anonymous number for Tiny to contact us via phone in emergency, or text as she wishes. The number we picked was in her local area code so that she could always reach us regardless of the area code. We also use that number when signing up for things online that require a phone number. This program has a free voicemail translation program that will email you a transcript of your voicemails.

App Gratis – They have one or two apps FREE each day that are normally paid apps. Great way to try out new apps and delete if you don’t like them.

AppsGoneFree – This one is my FAVE! There are often 5-10 FREE apps that are normally paid apps, they run from games, to productivity apps, to ipad childrens books, and more. Most of the paid apps I have and have posted about here are thanks to AppsGoneFree!

More to come!
Do you have an app that you think I need to have? Do you have any that are better than one I have listed here? Please share!

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