My Favorite Apps ~Part 2~

Welcome to Part 2 of my Cant-Live-Without apps list!
If you missed Part 1 – Click HERE

iHelp+ – This is a medical alert program. It contains a list of all of my medications and doses, medical conditions, doctors names and contact information (including specialists) and my emergency contacts. If I press the HELP button on the app at any time it will actually CALL my contacts, and or send them a text message that I have dialed them using the app. I have my husband set as a primary, and also two others listed.

Smart Alarm – This alarm clock has different tones you can set for a different awakening experience, and it also tracks your sleep and will tell you how long you are sleeping and if you are waking from noises in the middle of the night. It has helped me determine if some of my headaches are related to sleep patterns.

Fast Camera – I use this app when it is crucial to get a good photo of my toddler who is ALWAYS on the move. It can take 100 photos in no time at all, it continuously takes photos on its own until you hit the stop prompt. Then you can review all of the photos and choose which you’d like to keep. It has been the best app so far for helping me capture Lucky Charm in action.

Facebook and Pinterest of course are also two of my go-to apps.

Home Routine – This program helps you program zones in your home to create a quick cleaning schedule. I have customized this app to my home, but I haven’t yet been able to keep up with the daily cleaning tasks. Life as a working mom with a toddler and cleaning – well they don’t mix well on weeknights/work nights.

Magisto – I need more time with this app before I can fully appreciate it. It is a video editing app. You can combine videos and photos and add music to create a video that can be easily shared with others. The one thing I haven’t been able to figure out, is how to reorder the videos, crop them, and put photos before and after video clips as I want them to show up.

Disney Parks – We are huge Disney fans in this house. This app is very valuable when we are in the parks and need to find something quickly without carrying around a paper map.

Walgreens – I order my meds online using this very handy app!

Evernote – I use this to organize my random thoughts, and ideas for blog posts. I have even used this program to write a list of who-gave-what-gift at my nephew’s birthday party.

My Measures – This app is every homeowners dream! You can take photos of spaces in rooms and type in the measurements of certain areas. For example, you can have blind and curtain measurements programmed in there for future knowledge, as well as room dimensions for painting projects, and also wall dimensions for furniture/space planning.

ArtKive – This app is a really great way to archive all of your child’s artwork and arts and crafts projects without feeling like you need to save and store all of them. I know that Lucky Charm comes home from school every week with a new art project, and I love them all, but keeping them all is another story. Now I don’t have to worry. I just snap a photo of the art, provide a description and voila!  For those of you with multiple children, you can program their names in and identify artwork by each child. This app also has the option to share your child’s work with others, and to print a book of them.

Now for the fun stuff…Photography apps and Games.

Photography apps:

Color Effects – Fun photo color effects.

Pic Stitch – Collage program.

InstaEffect – Different presets for filters to apply to your photos.

InstaCollage – Another Collage program. I havent played much with Pic Stitch and this one enough to make a fair comparison of the two.

XnSketch – Turns your photo into sketches. I don’t use this one a ton, but once in a while.

Photo Revival – More fun filters. Also has a crop tool, rotate, and frames.

TitleFx – Allows you to put text on your photos.

PhotoMagic – More filters and frames, but this one has a random option where it will apply random frames and effects to your photos.

Photo Station – This app comes with a red eye tool, filters, cropping, inverse, gradient and colorizing options.

Cool Fonts – Fun font options to add text to your photos.

InstaFrame – the title is pretty self explanatory, but I enjoy the different framing options available in this one.

My favorite games – these come in handy especially when waiting in a doctor’s office.

Clue Word – by Pokami. You get a list of clues, and the number of letters the clue contains. On the bottom of the screen you get all of the letters that belong to the list of clues including a number below it which indicates how many of that letter is used throughout the clues. As you eliminate letters by correctly answering clues, the letters disappear helping you figure out the more difficult clues. Mr. Lucky and I love laying in bed playing this one to see who guesses a clue correctly first.

Candy Crush Saga – Love it and hate it. Similar to jewels type games but with different challenges in each level that increase in difficulty. Hate that you have to continue to pay to advance to certain levels. I wish that there was the option of a paid app, and a free app and the paid app would unlock everything.

Spider Solitaire – by Brainium. This is my favorite Spider Solitaire app so far.

Wooords – A fun word game that requires you to make as many words as you can using one particular letter in it and a minimum of 4 letters. Definitely one of the more challenging word games I have played, which I enjoy.

Words With Friends – Who doesn’t love this good old classic. I play mostly with my Mom. I have always loved Scrabble.

Skee-Ball 2 – This one is a quick little game of skee-ball. It’s not too challenging, so my little Lucky Charm also enjoys this one.

Lucky Charm’s List of Faves:

Animal Fun Puzzle for Toddlers – she LOVES this one.

Kids Doodle – a fun doodling program that allows you to use lots of fun and funky colors and effects.

Animal Puzzle – Can you tell she loves animals and puzzles?

Winnie the Pooh Wonder & Wander – This is one of her go-to apps when we are in public and she’s bored out of her mind, or tired.

Do you have an app that you think I need to have? Do you have any that are better than one I have listed here? Please share!

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