Surgery in one month?!

I have a surgery date! May 29th is my tentative surgery date. What does this mean for me?

I have a TON of doctors appointments coming up in the next few weeks. I have to meet with my primary doctor to get her to finalize my weight loss visit reports for my surgeon’s office (to be forwarded with the package to insurance). I also have an appointment with a psychologist and nutritionist. And finally… I am having the dreaded HIDA scan done, and more bloodwork.

Why do I say that this date is tentative? My pre-op date is May 9th and I will be submitting everything to insurance following this appointment. If insurance denies my claim (due to the requirements that their representatives say I do not have to meet) – then we will appeal and reschedule again.

I decided to go ahead and proceed with submitting everything we have now, instead of waiting another 6 months and trying to lose the 10%. The worst that can happen is I end up rescheduling it for 6 months from now anyway. I came to this decision to give it my best shot now after I had been reading posts on a bariatric surgery forum. There are so many people with “food issues” and the mental struggle with their new stomach and foods that the body can no longer process. If I wait another 6 months, it is going to put me so close to the holidays for this mental/emotional transition, and I just think it will be more difficult then if I can get through some of the hurdles without the holidays in the midst of things.

So for now, I have a pile of paperwork to fill out from the psychologist’s office. From what I have seen so far when I glanced through they REALLY get in deep with your emotional eating habits and mental health before surgery. I think I will try to continue to see a therapist even after surgery to be sure I am coping appropriately with all of the changes. (Especially with added changes in our family dynamic that will be happening at the same time – – more about that in the next post!!)

I am not even quite sure that I know what my food issues are, or what my triggers are. I do know that I am somewhat of an emotional eater, but not to an extreme (at least I don’t think so). I also know that I was raised celebrating with food. We celebrated sports games with food, we celebrated good grades with food, we celebrated good news by going out to dinner, we celebrated everything with food. Food can no longer be a reward for me. My relationship with food must change to a relationship of nourishment and necessity. I also love carbs, and dairy. I always have. This is also going to change. My focus will shift, and I will have to find more creative ways to reward myself, but maybe I won’t even need a reward because I will see the payoff in my health improving right before my very eyes.

I have been really struggling lately with my health. My digestive system is in cahoots against me. I have been eating a low carb diet to help control my Diabetes, but my blood sugar has been very low for weeks. I have had stomach pains, nausea and diarrhea constantly, along with very uncomfortable gurgling. I am SO over feeling cruddy that it has messed with my head making me wonder if surgery is the right decision. I don’t want to have an upset stomach all the time. I don’t want to feel nauseated and throw up all the time. I don’t want to dump if I eat something my new stomach doesn’t agree with. But the fact is, if I watch my diet closely, listen to the new signals, and eat the things I am supposed to while staying away from those that I shouldn’t be eating anyway, I should be able to manage this for the most part.

That’s all for now. I am saving the most dramatic news for the next post.



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