Red Light, Green Light

So the verdict is in, and I got the green light! I am officially approved for surgery by my insurance company! I could NOT believe it! It came down to the wire, and I was holding my breath for a red light and a long, drawn out process.

I had been getting really discouraged over the last week waiting for the approval, thinking that it was going to come so close to surgery, and then get denied, and I would have to re-schedule all of my appointments, and work schedule.

I am scheduled for surgery on Wednesday, May 29th! EEEEEEEK! I will be in the hospital at least one overnight, if not two, depending on how I am feeling and my progress. Then I will come home, and rest and walk walk walk. Mr. Lucky will be home with me until Monday,

June, 3rd. Lucky Charm will go to school Mon.-Weds. and I will work from home these days as long as I am feeling up to it. I am planning to return to work the week of June 10th, as a new person, on a liquid diet (blech!). But hopefully, I won’t be hungry and I won’t care!

So now that I have days before surgery, I need to get a pill crusher, a robe for the hospital, some protein shakes and other clear liquid products. Oh, and I will have to either buy 2 enemas or 2 bottles of magnesium citrate for bowel prep the night before surgery (GAG!). SO not looking forward to that part! I am also going to clean out the pantry and refrigerator of all foods that I will not be able to eat post surgery, or that will not be eaten by Mr. Lucky and Lucky Charm in the few weeks that I am on clear liquids.

I will also be spending my very first night away from Lucky Charm when I am in the hospital. I am going to miss her SO much, but hopefully I will be focused on just getting myself better and going home. I am praying I will only have to stay one night.

We are going to spend the weekend in the pool, since I will have to stay out of it for a while after surgery until the incisions heal. Tuesday I have my pre-op at the hospital, and an iron infusion in the afternoon.

I am also going to have Mr. Lucky take a “Before” photo of me this weekend that I will post here.

I am SO excited and nervous for all of these life changes.


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