My New Beginning – day 1

Rewind to Wednesday May 29

After a miserable bowel prep the night before, surgery day was finally here. I woke up early to get myself packed and get Lucky Charm up for school. Mr. Lucky was groggy but he was up helping me get on the road. Lucky Charm was very tired when we woke her up for school but she went off to school without a hitch and we said our sweet goodbyes until I returned home from surgery. She knew mama was going to the doctor for surgery to make her feel better.

We checked into the hospital 30 minute late. Traffic was a beast and my GPS wasn’t being cooperative. I arrived stressed out because of the drive and rushing to get there. When we arrived we checked in and waited for someone to bring me back to pre-op. When they took me back, they told me that they were going to get my IV going and then Mr. Lucky could come back with me. Two hours later I still didn’t have an IV, and I was laying there in my gown so anxious because the nurses were in complete chaos. I was terrified that they were going to make a mistake with my surgery because everything was in such disarray. My surgeon came to see me and he was so calming and reassuring. I decided to remain positive. After all, it was him doing the surgery, not the hospital, or the nurses. After waiting ever so patiently, I asked for my husband to come back and was told once again, as soon as my IV was in. Finally, they let him come back and got my IV going. The last I remember was kissing Mr. Lucky and seeing the anesthesiologist.

When I woke up from surgery I remember not being able to open my eyes but knowing I was conscious and moaning in pain. I remember hearing a nurse scold me for moaning in pain saying that I was not the only one there and I needed to stop. I don’t remember any of them being nurturing, or asking me if I was in pain, or telling me they would get me more medication to make me feel better. I don’t remember anymore beyond that until I was in my room and Mr. Lucky was already there beside me and he was feeding me ice chips.

That night, I got up to walk around, with a walker. I wasn’t strong enough without it, but I did a few laps with the walker. It felt like it took every ounce out of me to do it and I had no idea how I was going to make it through this.

I remember saying to the nurse that night that this surgery was barbaric, and constantly asking what I did to myself.

This was just the beginning, my new beginning.


3 thoughts on “My New Beginning – day 1

  1. Just curiosity – was there a reason why you went with Roux en Y instead of the Lap Band? I had Roux en Y only because Lap Band wasn’t developed much when I had mine done. The success rates with our type of surgery is lower than the other. I wish you the very best on your journey. And if you every have questions or anything, please feel free to ask. I’m happy to help!

    • Thanks for visiting my blog! I was diabetic, and the RNY surgery was the best option to change my hormones and with many of my conditions hormone based it was recommended as the first choice to me. Actually as a standard RNY is recommended to most patients now if I understand correctly, with the Sleeve Gastrectomy as a second option for those with no diabetes. My surgeon really isn’t recommending lapband anymore at all because of the level of complications they’ve had. Best wishes to you also, I’m already so happy I decided to have the surgery.

      • Ah, I completely wizzed past the diabetic information. I read it, but I just kind of forgot I read it. Totally understand the option then. It’s kind of like a light went on in my head.

        Duh! lol

        I guess surgeries are all doctor specific. Some family members who have had gastric surgery each have had different dr’s – each who support the different surgery. My doctor was all about being innovative and trying to perfect the Roux en Y (which ultimately ended up almost killing me in the process). My cousin’s doctor is a total Lap Band supporter and thinks Roux en Y is a horrible way to lose weight because of the way it disrupts the natural order of the bodys system ultimately by cutting it away and making it no more.

        How are you feeling so far? Do you feel sore or groggy? I so don’t miss the first phase of the surgery. Mmm.. bland clear liquids! lol Though, I did enjoy my sugar free jello. I play with my food. 😉

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