The Stall

Everyone talks about the “three week stall”. I anticipated it, but figured hey, any weight loss is great and I’ve watched the scale “stall” for so long that it shouldn’t be a big deal. Right? Wrong! The three week stall is torturous. I have been stuck at 33 pounds lost for days. I got spoiled by the scale 1274280503watching it go down every single day. I am eating nearly nothing, and upping my exercise and I still can’t get this thing to budge? What gives!

Enough complaining. I know the scale will move soon enough. Until then, you can find me standing on the scale repeatedly willing the numbers to change.

Since I last wrote, I was discharged from the hospital after 4 maddening days. They ran CT scans, an MRCP to looks at the pancreatic ducts, an endoscopy, and lots of lab work. They could not find a cause for the pancreatitis to show on the labwork, so they eventually let me go home and let the levels subside on their own. I expected a huge loss on the scale when I returned home after not being able to eat or DRINK for the majority of my stay at the hospital. I lost a measly 2.5 pounds. I am grateful those 2.5 pounds left me, but a reward for the torture would have been nice.

I’m not going to get too greedy… I sound greedy. I have been so overweight for so long and now that I feel this improvement in energy I want more.

I got my meal plan from my nutritionist on Friday and I can finally eat solid foods. We determined that I need to improve on my protein intake so I don’t lose all of my hair. I hate protein shakes, but I finally found one that is decent made of collagen protein vs. whey protein (I still have to gag it down). My first real meal outside of very finely cut up chicken was a scrambled egg (1) with a sprinkle of cheddar cheese and 1/4 cup of pears. I could barely eat the pears so Lucky Charm helped me with them. Today I tried to eat an egg for breakfast just like yesterday but it did not settle so well. My stomach is so unpredictable right now.

I apologize in advance – this post is all over the place, but so is my mind! I am in the middle of a potential career change. I have been tired in my job for so long, but I needed to hang on to my insurance for this surgery. I worked for this company for over 9 years now and I am tired. I am undervalued and underutilized for my talents. I need to make a career change where I feel like I am making a difference each day, and where I feel like I can capitalize on my talents. I have some hoops to jump through to make this change, and it will take some time, but I think it will be best for my family if it works out!

My goals for today are: to get some meals prepped for the week including the shopping for ingredients, get photos taken of the items I need to sell on Craigslist, get my progress photos taken and posted, and to get some bows made for my cousins new baby girl.

Hope you all have a fantastic week! I have so much more to say but Lucky Charm just asked me to snuggle.



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