Mystery Diagnosis

It has been way too long since I last wrote and I feel like I say that EVERY time. Haha

We are going to play a little game of guess the diagnosis.

Anemia – diagnosed pre-surgery 2012
Enlarged Spleen – diagnosed August 2013 after an ER visit for abdominal pain
Nausea/discomfort – secondary to enlarged spleen
Low grade fevers at night consistently – struggled with this post back surgery and again after enlarged spleen diagnosis
Enlarged lymph nodes

Any guesses?

My hematologist thinks Its possible I could have Lymphoma. I have another CT scan Thursday to find a convenient node to biopsy. If there are no convenient nodes for biopsy I will proceed with a PET scan.

Despite feeling crummy for weeks I have internalized this news allowing myself permission to eat things I shouldn’t. I officially need to get back on track.

On a positive note, I have lost over 70 pounds in just over three months. On days I feel like the scale is creeping along I remind myself of how far I have come in such little time. I am so proud of where I am.

I also got iron infusion 1 of 2 last week and this time I got venofer. It has already started to work and I am on my way to gaining some energy back.

My primary doctor told me last week that I should prepare myself for the hysterectomy I was scheduled for last fall. The bleeding was one of the main reasons I had gastric bypass surgery. Unfortunately 70 pounds later it doesn’t seem to have helped my issue since my hemoglobin levels take only 45 days to tank after several rounds of iron infusions. I barely had time to digest this before the Lymphoma possibility came to be. In between all of that craziness, the bleeding has paused for going on 5 days now! (Personal record here people!) If you lost count I have been bleeding continuously for over 18 months now (I think?) It has been so long I can hardly keep track.

I will leave the ER trip for a migraine last week for another blog post. But as you can see I have been keeping busy, and trucking along.

I will leave you with an updated progress photo.



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