The difference a year makes

A year ago, when I was considering bariatric surgery, I would have never imagined myself to be doing the things I am doing now. I was in pain every single day. I woke up with a pounding headache. It would pound so hard I couldn’t hear myself think – let alone hear anyone else speak to me. My thoughts were drowned in buzzing and pounding throughout my body. I got a headache walking down the hallway from exertion. I had back pain every single day. Today, I rarely have headaches and it is easier to get out of bed in the morning. My back pain is significantly better. I still have to sleep with a very thick pillow between my legs to avoid severe pain when I sleep but that is a result of my body changes post-surgery (back surgery).

If you would have told me last year that a year later I’d be running 3.5 miles in one day and training for a half marathon, I wouldn’t have believed you that it was actually happening. I’ve always had stretch goals like wanting to do a triathlon, or running races, but never was able to actually execute. This surgery has saved my life; it has allowed me to carry out my hopes and dreams.

Sunday I ran a 5K (MORE than a 5K actually!). I kept telling myself that I was strong when my body or mind wanted me to stop, or slow down. I ran too hard in the first mile (my first mile was 11 minutes) and I was winded and tired through the remainder and walked more than I hoped I would. I still finished with an approximate 14 minute pace.

Wednesday I ran three miles before I went to work in the morning. This time I paced myself right around 14 minutes per mile and I found that I felt strong, and could run (jog) the ENTIRE thing (I probably walked 1 minute total out of the 45 total I ran – only to take a drink or move over for cars). I can feel my legs getting stronger, and my confidence is too.

Only four months to go until the Princess Half Marathon. I am registered for (4) 5ks in preparation for the half marathon! My first 5k is less than a month away!


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