So Very Lucky!

I really do live a lucky life. Despite all of the hurdles we have encountered – and our plan not working out the way we envisioned it, I can see how it was all part of His divine plan for us.

November is National Adoption Month. Sunday, November 3, was Orphan Sunday. We went to a church that was ahving an adoption focused service on Sunday morning, and we were so touched by the heart of this congregation for orphans and widows. I hope that the words spoke to all of the hearts in that church and that more people open their hearts to adoption and foster care. The one thing that I liked was that the pastor offered other avenues for people to contribute to the worlds responsibility for orphans by acknowledging that not everyone may be in the position to adopt or foster, but you can easily volunteer your time or resources to support others doing so.

As Lucky Charm was snuggled into my chest before bedtime on Sunday, I looked at her and my heart filled with gratitude for the chance to be her mama. I am SO very lucky to be her mama.

I am contemplating starting my own non-profit in the next year or so. I am still trying to nail down exactly what I want to focus on, but something with giving back to disadvantaged children/families.

I am also up to running 3.64 miles at my highest distance this morning. My pace was approx. 15 minutes per mile. I definitely have some distance and pace work to do, but my mileage is increasing, my muscle tone is defining, and I feel strong.


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