5 Beliefs To Get You Into The Best Shape Of Your Life!

Love this blog and especially this post!

Everyday Power Blog


With one little shift we can transform our view of exercise, working out and maintaining an overall fit lifestyle from a chore, to a way that elevates all areas of our life. Our life experience is fundamentally rooted in the amount of energy we have, how we feel about ourselves and our overall well being.
Here are five ideas that have not only worked in my own life, but have been transformative in the lives of others. Enjoy them. Use them. Tell me how it goes!
1. I have more than enough time to be extremely healthy!
The number 1 excuse is…you know…wait for it…”I don’t have enough time!” Many people love to blame work, or school or whatever, on why they cannot MAKE the time to exercise, run, job, walk, lift, do yoga or anything else that sustains an elevated heart right. Your health, energy and vitality are of…

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