Quick Update

I am alive. I started a new career shortly after the half marathon, and I have had a hard time balancing life since then.

My spleen is re-enlarged and I am struggling with the classic lymphoma symptoms again. I was hospitalized the week before last with neutropenia and I am still struggling every time I try to eat.

The cancer center is currently telling me there is not much they can do to help me until the lymphoma decides to take over. I am tired, defeated, and frustrated.

I will try to be better about my updates, because there is so much good in my life that I hate to focus on the crap parts.

I hit one year post op this week, and I am nowhere near goal but I am almost down 100 pounds and that is still a huge accomplishment. My next goal is to get under 200 pounds and to run again. My foot is still fractured so for now I am just walking/swimming.


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