Thanks for joining me on my journey to find my pot of gold in this storm of life.


Mrs. Lady Luck – Late 20’s author of this blog who has suffered with many related health conditions and haslogo1.png been on a quest to discover their connection to one another outside of the professional healthcare system. Mom of Lucky Charm, and wife of Mr. Lucky. A part-time working mom, and a part-time researcher.

Mr. Lucky – Early 30’s devoted amazing husband who has been a huge support through everything. Daddy to Lucky Charm, and huge sports fanatic. He is also a critic of modern medicine.

Lucky Charm – Our gorgeous two year old daughter who was adopted at birth. She attends Montessori school and is growing and changing every day. She is truly an amazing blessing to our family.

LMM – My partner in crime, my comrade, my bestie and my biggest cheerleader. We grew up in the same town together, as aquaintences and reconnected as adults and became the best of friends. We live states apart, but we really are inseperable.

Doctor Wonderful – My AMAZING Primary Care Physician. She has truly been the key to so many of my health discoveries. She has helped me navigate through this crazy maze of healthcare, and to find REAL solutions to my problems, not just bandaids.

Shanna – My childhood best friend, and incredible single mother of three. Newly divorced and trying to find her way through this crazy life too. We live thousands of miles apart and don’t speak often enough but everytime we do, it’s like we just left off yesterday.

Tiny – Lucky Charm’s birthmother who courageously placed her in our arms out of unselfish love for her child. She is a mother of 5, one child who passed away after birth, two who were adopted out of foster care, and one child she is parenting in addition to our little charmer. We call her tiny, becuase she is just that, TINY! We have formed a unique relationship with her and truly love her for blessing us and loving this little girl.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Life is always a work in progress; I know your journey hasn’t been easy, but I know the ending to this amazing journey is still unwritten. Kudos to you for sharing with the world your ups and downs, I am blessed to have played even a smart part in your journey. Love you and am so proud of you!

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