Big Stuff

I haven’t forgotten about you all. I have BIG news that I can’t share just yet, but I am bursting at the seams to do so. Life has been more than chaotic lately but in a few weeks I hope to fill you all in.

On another front, I haven’t been running, and my weight hasn’t been dropping. In fact, I gained a few pounds (gasp). I pretty much hate myself for it, but I know where I can improve and Im making efforts to change it.

The first is starting to run again. I ran/walked a 5k with coworkers last weekend, and I registered for the Princess Half again in 2015 to keep me motivated! I’ve committed to one race a month for the remainder of the year. Next month? A costume run is in the works!

More soon, I hope!!! Eeeeek



Quick Update

I am alive. I started a new career shortly after the half marathon, and I have had a hard time balancing life since then.

My spleen is re-enlarged and I am struggling with the classic lymphoma symptoms again. I was hospitalized the week before last with neutropenia and I am still struggling every time I try to eat.

The cancer center is currently telling me there is not much they can do to help me until the lymphoma decides to take over. I am tired, defeated, and frustrated.

I will try to be better about my updates, because there is so much good in my life that I hate to focus on the crap parts.

I hit one year post op this week, and I am nowhere near goal but I am almost down 100 pounds and that is still a huge accomplishment. My next goal is to get under 200 pounds and to run again. My foot is still fractured so for now I am just walking/swimming.

Just my luck

It is just my luck that three weeks before the half marathon, I have a stress fracture in my foot. I went to see Dr. Wonderful yesterday because I have been experiencing pain in my left foot and my right hip. I was trying to wait it out until the race was over because I was pretty sure my foot was broken. Sure enough, I have a fracture of the 5th metatarsal in my left foot. The extent of the fracture I will not know until tomorrow, but for now I am sentenced to the walking boot.

Dr. Wonderful knows that I will be running the half marathon and she is going to work with me to try and figure out solutions to get me from here through the race, and then she told me to prepare for a cast.

I am registered for the Best Damn Race 10k this Saturday, so I am hoping I will be up to running it as a training run since she has advised me to heal as much as I can before the race.

As if I wasn’t worried enough before all of this that I would finish this race. Now I am really worried, but I am also determined. Stubborn, and determined.

27 days until Princess Half Marathon Weekend!

Image27 days left until the Princess Marathon weekend kicks off! I am SO excited for this race. Am I as prepared physically as I need to be? Nope, not yet. Will I be? I hope so! I am going to try hard to hit 8 miles this weekend so that I can do 10 next weekend and then 11 or 12 the following weekend.

Tentative Half Marathon Weekend Itinerary:

  • Thursday Feb 20 – Arrive at WDW and check in to hotel. Attend Expo and pick up packets and shop!
  • Friday Feb 21 – Kids Race and Brunch at Chef Mickeys.
  • Saturday Feb 22 – Rest and prep day! Get to bed EARLY!
  • Sunday Feb 23 – Half Marathon day! Dinner at Le Cellier to celebrate our accomplishment!
  • Monday and Tuesday Feb 24, 25th are going to be spent pampering ourselves and celebrating our way through the parks.

Last weekend I got a 5 mile run in and it was a struggle. It was cold out. In the 40’s in Florida. I am making progress with my time, and still staying true to my 14 to 14.5 min per mile pacing strategy.

I still haven’t figured out how we are going to afford this crazy vacation, but I am determined to make it happen and make it one of the best vacations we have ever had. I know it will be a life changing trip for me. I will be accomplishing something that I have wanted to do for a long time. A dream come true for me, and a symbolic representation of the new life I am living.

My Goals for 2014

I do not typically set new year resolutions or goals, but this year I have high expectations for myself in 2014. I also turn 30 this year so I really want to try to get myself in a place in life where I am comfortable. Here are my goals!

1. Take a family vacation. Our family has not taken a “real” week long vacation in a very long time (pre-Lucky Charm) other than trips to Maine where I grew up to visit my family, and Disney World trips (which are wonderful, but are never more than a few days!). I am really hoping to get a Disney Cruise booked this year, or go somewhere fun. We already have plans to go to a wedding in the mountains of Georgia in the fall for one of my best friends! I want another vacation in addition to this if we can make it work! Which brings me to the next goal…

2. Get our finances in order. This year has been full of financial challenges for us. After the crazy cost of adoption, my back surgery and being on disability, my weight loss surgery, and having my sister and her family live with us for many months, we have not recovered financially. I have also only been working 30 hours a week (part time) at my job since Lucky Charm was a baby. I went back full time originally, but needed to spend more time with her so I reduced my hours. This has been a huge financial strain for us, and for a while it worked, but it is not working any longer. Since workload is so light and the environment in my current job is so bad, this is part of the reason I am searching for a new career. Part of this goal is to also budget effectively, and to start using a cash envelope system. I also strive to be better at clipping coupons and shopping sales for groceries. I rarely buy anything that is not on sale when it comes to non-food items, so I really am hoping to do the same for food when it can be done. I still need to put protein first so I realize this cannot always be the priority for me.

3. Run a half marathon. This is booked, and waiting for me, now I just need to make it happen. I will make this happen. I will finish this race and not get swept!

4. Reach 175 pounds. This is a number goal. Many people do not like number goals, but I need this number goal. This is 25 pounds away from my physician’s goal weight for me, but this has always been my ideal weight. I really think that I can lose 50 pounds this year to meet this goal.

5. Take care of myself. This includes getting rest, physical exercise, eating correctly. This also includes getting a babysitter and taking a time out when it’s needed. This is also going to include making it to my doctor appointments even if a babysitter is necessary, getting regular dental cleanings, and going for a pedicure once in a while. My eyebrows could really use some help too!

6. Put the phone down. Yep, I am one of those people with my phone glued to me. I can be found mindlessly flipping through facebook, emails, news, games, photos, you name it. We have a “no phone zone” with Lucky Charm at times, and she will tell me to put it down, but my goal is to put it down and be actively participating in time with my family as much as possible. Don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of times I play with my child, or watch a movie with my husband, but I really want to try and stop passing the time mindlessly. I would rather replace this time by picking up a book to read or anything else productive really.

7. Get in touch with Lucky Charm’s biological siblings and attempt to arrange a meeting. I feel like it is really important for her to have a relationship with them and it is my goal to try to facilitate this contact if possible. Of course if their parents decide it is not in their best interest, I must respect that but I will give it my best!

8. Find a new career direction, and start a non-profit. I am hoping to find a job that I love this year, that is no secret. What I really hope to do is figure out what it is I really want to be doing for my career and make that happen, whether it is enrolling in classes, or another degree program.

9. Blog more! Writing is therapeutic for me, and I really hope to be able to help or inspire someone else. I have been blessed reading so many other people’s blogs and I hope to do the same for someone else struggling with similar issues.

10. Be a better person. This consists of so many things that I won’t dig completely too much into it, but mostly I want to be the best person I can be. This includes elimination of curse words, doing more charity work, loving more and being more positive. I also hope to encourage others to do the same. I also strive to be a better mom and wife for my family. This includes keeping up with my household duties and spending quality time with each of them.

I am not crazy to think that I will accomplish ALL of these things in the next year, but it is my goal to work on each of them, and to roll them over to 2015 if I need to. I am going to look at this list at least weekly and be sure that I remember what I hope to accomplish and try to figure out the best way to incorporate each of these things into my daily living (if applicable).

What are your goals for this year? Are you setting goals this year that you have not before?

Selling Yourself

Selling yourself short is easy, but selling yourself on a resume, not so easy. I have been sitting at my computer trying to re-design my resume, and I am having some trouble selling myself.

I have been with the same company for 10 years. I have grown up in this company, starting as the receptionist and moving into construction administration. I finished my degree while I worked here, so I don’t exactly have the most relevant job experience when compared to my degree in Management. I do, however, know how talented I am. I know that I am moldable, flexible, intelligent, quick to learn, efficient and detail oriented. How do I convey these things appropriately in one page? That’s the conundrum.

I am so much more talented than my current position requires, and that is why I know it is time to move on. My current job has supported me through the adoption of Lucky Charm, and has been so flexible with my schedule, even allowing me to work part time, and often from home. Now that she is older, it is time to focus on finding a career that is fulfilling and that utilizes my talents appropriately.

Problem is, I don’t have a ton of specific experience anywhere in particular outside of Construction Administration. Now I have to capitalize on all of the skills I use in this position and all of the skills I have acquired through my education and volunteer experience and somehow help someone see the capabilities I have to offer. This is HARD. My wheels are spinning and I am going nowhere fast.

Perhaps the new design will spark some creative ways to highlight this? Ugh. I don’t know.