Just my luck

It is just my luck that three weeks before the half marathon, I have a stress fracture in my foot. I went to see Dr. Wonderful yesterday because I have been experiencing pain in my left foot and my right hip. I was trying to wait it out until the race was over because I was pretty sure my foot was broken. Sure enough, I have a fracture of the 5th metatarsal in my left foot. The extent of the fracture I will not know until tomorrow, but for now I am sentenced to the walking boot.

Dr. Wonderful knows that I will be running the half marathon and she is going to work with me to try and figure out solutions to get me from here through the race, and then she told me to prepare for a cast.

I am registered for the Best Damn Race 10k this Saturday, so I am hoping I will be up to running it as a training run since she has advised me to heal as much as I can before the race.

As if I wasn’t worried enough before all of this that I would finish this race. Now I am really worried, but I am also determined. Stubborn, and determined.


My first run!

I got up early yesterday and went on my first training run! I feel so much better now that I know where I am starting and where I need to be to complete my half marathon.

Here are my starting stats:
I ran 1.7 miles in 27 minutes and 39 seconds. I had an average pace of 16 minutes and 14 seconds per mile. My first mile which I ran intervals through was 15 minutes and 26 seconds and my second mile which I mostly walked but did some running through was 17 minutes and 4 seconds. My goal is to get my time down to 13 minutes per mile for the marathon, but ultimately to be able to finish. I know I need to not only improve my time, but my endurance.

I used map my run for my timing/distance and route mapping and I LOVED it! I love that the music played through my headphones randomly from my itunes and that I got updates on my speed and distance every so often to keep motivated.

I am really sore today, but I did a total of 6.2 miles in distance walking/running yesterday. I went to a Matchbox 20 and Goo Goo Dolls concert last night where I did some walking, and some booty shaking too.photo 1

Unfortunately, the scale didn’t budge, but I know that I worked hard yesterday and eventually the scale will adjust to my new levels of activity.

Finally, here is an updated progress photo at 254 pounds with a total loss of 52 pounds.photo 2