Catching Up

There are so many things I want to touch on in this entry because so much has been going on, but I will do a quick recap before I discuss with you something that has been bothering me lately.

1. Lymphoma business is over for now – I will go back to get all of my levels/scans re-checked in 6 months to ensure that things are stable. As of now, my spleen is back to normal size and the enlarged lymph nodes in my abdomen are no longer there.

2. I hosted my first charity event with LMM this past weekend and it was such an amazing feeling. We hosted a grandstand for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer. We pulled off this amazing event in just three weeks, and while the turn out was not what we expected, it was successful no less. The children and families that attended had a GREAT time, and we learned A LOT about planning charity events for the public.

3. My weight dropped a few more pounds here and there, but has been holding pretty steady for a while. I am hoping to kick up the protein and water intake and really get the scale moving here soon. I am still shrinking in inches because my size is really at a 16/18 with most 18’s too large. I am in an XL shirt – once in a while a Large will work if it is unisex sizing.

4. I ran my first 5k! LMM and I ran a Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot and had an amazing time. We woke up to a freezing 36 degrees that morning and had prepared to be cold, but never envisioned it to be THAT cold. We had a great run, and ran mostly intervals because LMM hadn’t trained much so this pace/style was best for her. The cold weather really hurt my lungs. I felt like I had a 100 pound brick on my chest for a couple hours after the race. I have been training in 70-80 degree weather in Florida – not 36 degree weather!



Latest in the Lymphoma Saga

I followed up with my oncologist today to get the results of my recent bone marrow biopsy. It appears that all of the bloodwork taken and biopsy results do not provide a definitive diagnosis; so further testing is needed. I will have a CT scan on Friday and then move to a biopsy of the lymph nodes in my stomach (spleen/liver area) if they are still presently enlarged.

Until then, I am going to keep on running.

I’m a Machine!

Over the last few weeks if there is one thing I have realized, it is that I have a bazillion things going on at one time, and somehow I am equipped to handle it all. Whether life is hard, or it is running smoothly, this body and mind of mine are a machine. I am a machine.

Update on the PET Scan and results: My oncologist said that the one node that is concerning in my neck near my jugular vein cannot be biopsied because it is too risky, but that is the only way to diagnose Lymphoma. He wanted to take a wait and see approach even though he cannot explain the crazy levels that seem to only be present in Lymphoma. Dr. Wonderful (my primary) is not satisfied with this wait and see method. She referred me to a local cancer specialist. I have an appointment on Monday with a Lymphoma specific specialist. Hopefully I will get answers other than “let’s wait and see if Cancer will deveop and spread through your body before we have a plan of action”.

Update on Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party: We had an amazing time with our friends. We trick or treated through the Magic Kingdom, rode the carousel, saw the end of the parade, watched the castle show and fireworks (which were the best fireworks I think I have ever seen at the Magic Kingdom!), and we got to see some really cool characters that we don’t normally see (Jafar, Lotso Bear, all 7 dwarfs, and Mickey dressed in his Halloween best!). We also got lots of comments on our homemade costumes.

and last but not least my running progress: I shaved THREE minutes off of my original mile timing! I ran two miles yesterday and two miles the day before. My most recent run yesterday I had a 13:27 minute mile, and the second mile was 14:10. I am still so shocked at what my machine of a body can do. I also have had a cold thanks to the lovely germs that Lucky Charm brings home from school – so I can’t imagine what I am capable of when I am feeling normal (as if that EVER happens!)

My weight is dropping slowly and steadily but I feel good overall. My bleeding has finally stopped for the last three weeks and I am praying this is a sign that my hormones are starting to regulate now that I have lost a chunk of my body weight. As of now I have lost 50% of the weight I have to lose. This is incredible in just four months. Gastric bypass has changed my life. I could never have accomplished this on my own with all of the health complications I have been plagued with.

That’s enough of a crazy sporadic update for now! Hope you all are well and making progress in your life journeys.


A Pet What?

I’m not getting a pet – I have two cats, one of which randomly pees on things when she is mad.

But I am getting a PET Scan. Essentially a PET Scan is similar to a CT scan, but the radioactive dye they put through will cling to the hungry cancer cells and appear glowing on the screen.

The results of my CT scan last week came back reading that I have a 1cm node in my neck but it is too close to the jugular to biopsy. That leaves us with a PET scan to evaluate cancerous cells/nodes throughout my body. At the end of my appointment, the doctor asked if I had any questions and I asked about some wonky bloodwork results I had reviewed from the previous week. She shared with me that these levels typically indicate Lymphoma, but we dont quite have enough information to make the diagnosis yet. From everything I have read, (and believe me I have searched to the end of Google (if that’s possible) for answers) the labwork isn’t usually drawn/drawn in this group if you don’t have cancer, and its not typically elevated if you don’t have Lymphoma/Cancer for these specific tests. They are LDH, Uric Acid, and Beta 2 Microglobulin.

After my PET scan, I will have a biopsy of the cancerous cells that are found. Then I assume a treatment protocol will be in place.

The worst part of all of this? I can’t be around Lucky Charm for 24 hours after my PET Scan so I don’t expose her to radiation. My amazing friends and I went out for dinner this weekend and one of them is putting me up in a hotel for the night so I don’t have to worry about somewhere to stay without children in the house.

I have up and down moments, but I still haven’t cried. Mostly I am just unsettled and spend time googling when I am bored, or alone. I have been trying to keep myself busy and take good care of myself despite it all. Lucky Charm started ballet today and I can’t wait to pick her up and hear all about it.

We are going to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party on Friday with some friends. It will be the perfect distraction for my lucky little family!!! This is how I plan to take care of myself this week, distraction with costume making, planning, and looking forward to a fun time with my family and friends. Just wait ’til you see our costumes!

I will have results of my PET scan on Thursday. Have a great week! What are the obstacles you are facing this week? How are you going to take care of yourself?