Catching Up

There are so many things I want to touch on in this entry because so much has been going on, but I will do a quick recap before I discuss with you something that has been bothering me lately.

1. Lymphoma business is over for now – I will go back to get all of my levels/scans re-checked in 6 months to ensure that things are stable. As of now, my spleen is back to normal size and the enlarged lymph nodes in my abdomen are no longer there.

2. I hosted my first charity event with LMM this past weekend and it was such an amazing feeling. We hosted a grandstand for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer. We pulled off this amazing event in just three weeks, and while the turn out was not what we expected, it was successful no less. The children and families that attended had a GREAT time, and we learned A LOT about planning charity events for the public.

3. My weight dropped a few more pounds here and there, but has been holding pretty steady for a while. I am hoping to kick up the protein and water intake and really get the scale moving here soon. I am still shrinking in inches because my size is really at a 16/18 with most 18’s too large. I am in an XL shirt – once in a while a Large will work if it is unisex sizing.

4. I ran my first 5k! LMM and I ran a Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot and had an amazing time. We woke up to a freezing 36 degrees that morning and had prepared to be cold, but never envisioned it to be THAT cold. We had a great run, and ran mostly intervals because LMM hadn’t trained much so this pace/style was best for her. The cold weather really hurt my lungs. I felt like I had a 100 pound brick on my chest for a couple hours after the race. I have been training in 70-80 degree weather in Florida – not 36 degree weather!




Yesterday I was working from home because I caught a bit of a cold, and Dr. Oz was on in the background. He had a segment about Crystal Sonic Therapy and how it can do wonders for healing clarity, pain, relaxation and sleep. I decided to download one of the CD’s on itunes to see if it helped me any, and I have to say it is VERY relaxing. I am sitting at my desk listening to it with headphones and it really is amazing how powerful it is. If you are struggling and you can take the time to listen, I highly recommend it even just for relaxation because I’m not sure I’ve personally experienced any other benefits from it so soon.

My lucky little family and I are starting therapy on Friday. It is going to be good for us. Mr. Lucky and I have some things to sort out stemming from our infertility and growing our family. Mr. Lucky really wants me to get pregnant. If you didn’t know by now, I’m infertile. However, weight loss surgery changes things for some people. The sudden weight loss can make people who were previously infertile, very fertile. For that reason, my surgeon and nutritionist have recommended that we use protective measures to avoid pregnancy for the first 18 months after surgery. When I told him this, he was bothered by the fact that I would want to prevent pregnancy after all we have been through. The truth is, I really don’t want to ever be pregnant. I am ok with building my family through adoption, I’m even ok with Lucky Charm being our one and only. He isn’t. He keeps talking about me getting pregnant after the 18 months and we really need to get this resolved. I don’t like to continuously disappoint him, but isn’t it time to put my own needs and health first? When we were going through fertility treatments, it was my body that was violated and attacked by hormones, not his. Nevermind that I am still bleeding profusely so the opportunity to get pregnant is NOT there. It is going to take alot of time for my body to re-adjust to hormonal changes, but hopefully soon I will get a break from bleeding.

I am finally below the weight I was before we started treatments (270). My next goal will be to be below the weight I was at our wedding (228). I really don’t ever want to be back here again, and the thought of pregnancy and gaining weight after all of this hard work scares the pants off of me. Nevermind having been through an incredibly painful back surgery and recovery.


It has been 43 days since my life changing surgery. I have lost 41 pounds.

I cleaned the floors yesterday and I was sore but I didn’t feel like I was going to die afterwards like I used to. The scale finally budged this morning and I think I may have to clean the floors more often! Haha

I am watching everything I eat closely, watching my protein intake and I am taking my vitamins and thyroid medication regularly. I am also working hard to get in more liquid. I struggle to get in 48oz. I used to easily get 80+oz per day.

I am hoping to join a gym soon and kick off my marathon training very soon!


Red Light, Green Light

So the verdict is in, and I got the green light! I am officially approved for surgery by my insurance company! I could NOT believe it! It came down to the wire, and I was holding my breath for a red light and a long, drawn out process.

I had been getting really discouraged over the last week waiting for the approval, thinking that it was going to come so close to surgery, and then get denied, and I would have to re-schedule all of my appointments, and work schedule.

I am scheduled for surgery on Wednesday, May 29th! EEEEEEEK! I will be in the hospital at least one overnight, if not two, depending on how I am feeling and my progress. Then I will come home, and rest and walk walk walk. Mr. Lucky will be home with me until Monday,

June, 3rd. Lucky Charm will go to school Mon.-Weds. and I will work from home these days as long as I am feeling up to it. I am planning to return to work the week of June 10th, as a new person, on a liquid diet (blech!). But hopefully, I won’t be hungry and I won’t care!

So now that I have days before surgery, I need to get a pill crusher, a robe for the hospital, some protein shakes and other clear liquid products. Oh, and I will have to either buy 2 enemas or 2 bottles of magnesium citrate for bowel prep the night before surgery (GAG!). SO not looking forward to that part! I am also going to clean out the pantry and refrigerator of all foods that I will not be able to eat post surgery, or that will not be eaten by Mr. Lucky and Lucky Charm in the few weeks that I am on clear liquids.

I will also be spending my very first night away from Lucky Charm when I am in the hospital. I am going to miss her SO much, but hopefully I will be focused on just getting myself better and going home. I am praying I will only have to stay one night.

We are going to spend the weekend in the pool, since I will have to stay out of it for a while after surgery until the incisions heal. Tuesday I have my pre-op at the hospital, and an iron infusion in the afternoon.

I am also going to have Mr. Lucky take a “Before” photo of me this weekend that I will post here.

I am SO excited and nervous for all of these life changes.

Large and In Charge

After much thought and consideration, and many many hours of medical research, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to have weight loss surgery. I used to promise myself I would never be a “sell-out” and take the easy way out. My friends, weight loss surgery definitely isn’t the easy way out, but so many people still think of it this way. You still have to modify your diet, you still have to deal with whatever eating issues you may have, you still have to exercise. The surgery just helps you actually LOSE weight when you are doing these things. The fact is, I could modify my diet and work my booty off right now and the scale would barely budge. The fact is, that I have PCOS, hypothyroidism, and diabetes working against me to lose weight. I have worked out with a trainer, I have done weight watchers, I have tried low carb modifications to my diet.

The one thing that is a CLEAR link between most of not ALL of my health conditions – is being overweight. Do many of these conditions contribute to me being overweight? Yes. But, I was also raised in a family full of overweight people. I remember my mom doing weight loss programs and wanting to do it too because I was overweight as a child. I have always been overweight. Now, I just want to be healthy and comfortable in my body. Now it is pretty much a life or death issue. I MUST lose weight to increase the quality of life, and increase the length of my life – for my little lucky charm.

So this is it, our last ditch effort to avoid a hysterectomy, and to try and balance, eliminate, and/or control all of my medical issues.


Did you know that your health insurance company tracks your ailments very closely? I didn’t. Not until I logged in the other day and realized they have a My WebMD Personal Health Manager tool where it imports all of your health information directly from your insurance website and categorizes it, and displays records for you to retain. According to my insurance company I have a documented 23 medical health conditions. Seems insane doesn’t it?


My body is out of control, and it’s time for me to take that control back. So right now, Dr. Wonderful and I are going through 6 months of physician monitored weight loss visits for my insurance company – so that I can have part of the procedure covered. She has me on a modified 1700 calorie per day diet (which I am tracking using the SparkPeople app on my iPhone). I am also monitoring my blood sugars and upping my exercise levels.